I'll show you how to eliminate the guesswork of interview preparation and start the real work to land your DREAM JOB

My digital course is simple, powerful and direct with proven, INTERVIEW PREPARATION strategies that don’t come from a book, YouTube, or theory. They come from my over 25 years, real-world recruiting experience and client success achieving 6 & 7 figure salaries. YOU can be next.

I Live & Breathe Interview Coaching

IMAGINE IF... You were attracting several interview requests a week that fit your target role... You landed interviews at your target companies and had THEM competing over YOU. You earned high-paying offers and chose the role that fills all your professional & personal needs. The INTERVIEW ACCELERATOR PLATINUM ACADEMY digital course will make this happen.

ACCELERATE Your Interview Preparation in One Amazing Course

7 Lessons is all it takes to make you an interview Super Star. After completing the course you'll be able to:

  • INDENTIFY YOUR KEY SKILLS, talents and experiences that set you apart from your competition

  • MARKET YOURSELF by creating eye-catching resumes & building Recruiter attracting LinkedIn Profiles (5 RESUME TEMPLATES INCLUDED)

  • UNDERSTAND THE FUNDAMENTALS of interviews so you can navigate any interview that comes your way

  • KNOW THE PERFECT PRACTICE methods to prepare for your next interview

  • THE POWER of first impressions so that you STAND OUT

  • TOP INSDIER INTERVIEW TIPS base on my years of experience to take your interview game to the next level

  • CLOSING THE INTERVIEW by leaving a lasting impression, leading to MULTIPLE job offers

Bonus material

This course is loaded with BONUS MATERIAL to provide further value to YOU.

  • My Practice Interview

    FREE copy of the My Practice Interview eBook that includes actual sample PRACTICE INTERVIEWS that you can use to prepare for any job you are applying for.

  • 5 Resume Templates

    Included in the course materials are 5 RESUME TEMPLATES that you can use to craft the perfect, eye-catching resume.

  • Confidence Exercises

    You are amazing & this course is designed to highlight the best of you. The exercises in this course are designed to showcase your skills so that you can articulate them in any interview.

Course curriculum

    1. Let's Get Started: A message from Clark!

    2. Interview Accelerator Platinum Academy Course Overview

    1. Defining Your WHY - Why are you making this career move?

    2. Defining Your WHAT - Identifying WHAT skills and experiences make you unique!

    3. Combining Your WHY & WHAT for a Powerful Opening Statement

    1. Intro to Marketing & Networking YOU!

    2. Crafting the PERFECT Cover Letter & Resume

    3. Networking with LinkedIn

    1. Intro to Interview Questions

    2. Understanding Interview Competencies

    3. Identifying Your Strengths & Weaknesses

    1. Intro to Preparing for the Interview

    2. Interview Storytelling with S.T.A.R

    3. Preparing with the MY PRACTICE INTERVIEW eBook

    1. Intro to Interview First Impressions

    2. 4 Powerful First Impression Tips

About this course

  • $147.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


Thoughtful and thought-provoking

by Kelly

Clark supported me in articulating my strengths and building my confidence to elevate me to an excellent role. Highly recommended!!


by Lisa

Got the position and had the highest score throughout all the assessment! This is HUGE when I normally come in last. Thank you for all of your guidance. You were a game changer!

It's all in the resume!

by Clint

Hey Clark. I just wanted to let you know that I got the job I interviewed for. I strongly believe that your lessons on resume writing and the resume templates you provided made me stand out! Thank you and keep doing what you're doing!

Simply Amazing

by Ben

The interview went VERY well! After watching your Lesson on Preparing for the Interview, I focused on the action/result portion of my STAR-based responses. I was able to answer every question, even the ones that I hadn't prepared for. I got a JOB OFFER and found out from one of the interviewers that I scored 98%! Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU!

I got the VP Position

By Lauren

Yesterday I was offered the VP position. The Recruiter told me there were a lot of international candidates but I had risen above them. Than you for your course and our coaching sessions. They go me ready for the interview and I landed the JOB!

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